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Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. It is located in the middle of the country, on the river Bic. Chisinau is the most economically developed and industrialized city in Moldova. It is a major and services center, it’s main industries include consumer and electrical goods, building materials, machinery, plastics, rubber and textiles. The main service fields are banking and shopping/commerce. 

In Chisnau you can see:

Parks: Rose Valley, Rascani, Botanica, Valea Morilor, Dendrariu, Alunelul.

Restaurants: Restaurants, Pizzerias, Bistro, Fast-Food.

Bars and cafes: Bars, Cafes, Pubs, Teahouses, Sweetshops. 

Clubs, Cinema, Theatres, Museums/Galleries.

Sports/Entertainment: Billiard, Bowling, Ping-Pong, Tennis, Karting.

English is spoken in restaurants and some of the markets. Some taxi drivers speak a little English. Young people are much more likely to speak English than the older generation. In Chisinau most people know Russian and Romanian.

Chisinau is a good place for food lovers. There are plenty of good places to eat all over Chisinau. The cheap, tasty food that is very popular with the locals is served in most places. For better service and more diverse food selection, there are a lot of small restaurants and cafes. Some restaurants have prices comparable to Europe, although if you eat only in those you may find yourself being ripped off. For a quick lunch, try fast food stores and pizzerias, these can be found on nearly every corner. Beef is often under the veal part of the menu.

Moldavian wines, cognac, liquor and juice are all on par with the best of Eastern Europe. Beer is one of the best in Europe. A very famous is named „Berea Chisinau”.

There are many places for tourists to see in Chisinau. Many hotels in Chisinau are welcoming every visitor. So, come to one of the greenest cities in Europe and see it with your own eyes.


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